Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel finally lets go and the deflated cock is removed from the wall. “Wow, I never thought you would do that,” she says, looking at you. Gently she kisses your face, removing the cum streaks from you.

As she finishes another cock appears. This time it is smaller at around four or five inches long. Rachel leans over to you. “Please, I want to watch, it looked so horny when you did it before.”

Half in shock, you let her guide your hand to the cock and again start to wank it. “Suck it,” Rachel whispers into your ear.

You realize Rachel is right. There is something about glory-holes which means it’s only the cock you are dealing with, not a person. As the tip of the cock enters your mouth you are surprised at how turned on you are. With it not being so big you can suck it easily, although when it thrusts you can’t get it all in your mouth. “How do you suck a big cock?” you find yourself wondering.

After a few minutes the cock erupts in your mouth. Keenly you try to swallow the whole lot and manage on get most of it.

You look at your girlfriend, who kisses you passionately. “Let’s go home, Ross. I need you inside of me.”

You smile at her as you both stand up and Rachel pushes open the door to the side exit.