Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

As both you and Rachel look through the rest of the messages, the replies range from concern, to those believing it a wind up, to those who think it could be real and are testing the waters with their replies. Almost immediately the phone rings again. John.

“Listen, they are graphic, you can certainly fuck, but I can sort it. It’s quicker if you copy your phone list and zip it across to me.”

Rachel agrees and sends the message with her contacts on to John.

“You do realize, John will probably keep a set for himself don’t you and will want a thank you from you?” you say.

Rachel smiles at you. “Well I thought I’d give him a blowjob and go from there. Do you want to watch or for me to tell you about it later?”

As you look at your girlfriend and realize everything’s changed you suddenly notice your phone is ringing. Absently you answer it, the number unknown to you.

“Hi, Ross, is that you?”

As you try and place the voice, you confirm that it is.

“Great. Listen it’s John — Rachel’s boss? I have the photos and everything now-”

“Do you think you can switch the faces?” you interrupt, “I’m really grateful you are doing this for us.”

After a pause and a slight sound that might have been a laugh, John continues, “Well the bad news is I know fuck all about that sort of stuff. The good news is I think we can stop any more photos being sent out. Do you usually fuck your girlfriend with other men or do you prefer her to be a slut and come home to you full, you sick bastard?”

As you stare in disbelief at your phone you are suddenly lost for words, so John continues. “I can tell from the photos you aren’t the biggest but to take five to satisfy her must take some doing. Well I’m going to make it my mission to make you both happy. Do me a favor and ask Rachel if she wants to fuck me. Go on, ask her.”

You look towards your girlfriend. ‘It’s John, Rachel. He asked if you wanted to fuck him?“

Rachel looks at you puzzled. “Has he sorted the photos?”

The silence in the other end of the phone tells you John wants an answer. “Do you?”

Rachel looks at you. “Well yes, you know I do. I’d love his cock in me.”

The phone is still quiet. “Hello?” you say, gently thinking the line has been lost.

“Well, what did she say?”

Knowing full well he heard, you realize he wants you to humiliate yourself by repeating it. “Yes,” you reply.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, my girlfriend wants to fuck you. Can we please just sort the photos?”

As if John never heard you he continues. “Now Ross, I’m not sure if Rachel’s mentioned but I have a huge cock. She hasn’t seen it but she must have felt it at the Halloween party and I know the girls talk in the office and some of them have had the pleasure. Do you want me to fuck your girlfriend?”

Angrily you look at the phone. “I don’t have a choice do I? You have the photos and the contact list.”

John sighs. “Regardless, if I never had the photos, would you like me to fuck your girlfriend?”

“No!” you instantly reply. This prick shouldn’t be anywhere near your girlfriend.

“Well in that case, this will be more fun. Now let me tell you about tomorrow…”