Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Boring Saturday...)

“Oil overload, baby,” Rachel giggles.

“What?” You’re genuinely confused.

“Well I’ve been watching these porn videos lately. These girls will get oil rubbed all over there tits, ass, legs that sort of stuff. Then they’ll fuck while all slippery.”

This actually sounds like a fun idea, plus seeing your girlfriend all shiny and wet sounds pretty hot. “Alright then,” you tell her.

Rachel beams with joy and gives you a kiss. “I’ll be right back!” She runs out of the room, leaving you there to think things over.

You get out your phone and go to a porn site, then type in ‘oil overload.’ You find videos of mass orgies, usually with three or more women and one guy, all covered in body oil. They are loud, all over the place, and sexy as hell.

“We’re ready!” calls your girlfriend from the hallway.


All of a sudden Rachel comes in with two bottles of oil in hand. She’s followed by three sexy blondes.

“I called these girls up a few days ago,” she smiles.

All of them are big-breasted babes, with some large fat asses. It is clear to you that they are all whores from some strip club.

“So…” she tosses the bottles over to you.

Two of the three stay on Rachel’s sides, with one turning around and twerking. The other approaches and shakes her tits at you.

“Which one first, Ross?”