Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Boring Saturday...)

“You babes turn around and let me oil up those asses!” you command.

Your girlfriend has a slutty grin on her face. “You heard him girls,” she giggles.

All four sexy women come over and sit their butts on the end of the bed for you. “Make them nice and shiny,” one of the whores laughs.

The sight of four beautiful asses is almost enough to bring you to tears. You squeeze the bottles, and long strands of oil shoot out of the opening. The sprays smacks on their asses and drips down there round ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah baby!” The dumb blonde one turns and rubs the oil around on your girlfriend’s fat ass, making it shiny and wet. “Such a sexy fucking ass.”

“Ah yeah,” Rachel sighs with lust.

The other two girls take turns feeling up each other’s asses, all the while saying downright filthy words.

“God this ass,” your girlfriend grunts, before smacking the blonde on her shiny booty.

“Ah yes.”

“So fucking hot.”

“Tons of ass.”

Your large cock grows fully erect at the sight of this porn movie-like scene. Your girlfriend now has one of them on the ground sucking and licking her cunt, but she looks at you and your flaming erection.

“Get him,” she cheers.

All four of them rush you on the bed. With your back to the bed, you’re at their mercy. They all have slutty grins on their faces as they tear off your shirt and boxers. They smile at the sight of your massive dick. Rachel grabs the bottles and lathers up your cock, then wraps her lips around it. She slides her lips easily up and down your shaft. The blowjob alone could bring you to orgasm, and the two fat asses rubbing on your face just adds to it.

“Love the taste of your cock,” your girlfriend laughs as she licks it.

The third girl brings her shiny bubble-butt over to your dick. Soon she is jerking you as Rachel smacks her ass.

“So. Fucking. Hot!”

The ass sandwich slides all around you head, with cunts of the two girls pressing against your lips. This is incredible and you want more.