Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Boring Saturday...)

“I’m in the mood for shiny tits,” you say as you shake the bottles eagerly.

“Then spray these massive breasts,” your girlfriend laughs.

All four of them stand in a line and wait for the oil to spill all over them. You get up out of bed and walk up to them. You don’t hesitate to spray strands of oil all over the four pairs of tits. Each girl laughs when the oil hits them. Oil now fully coats them, with it dripping off their hard nipples.

“Let’s rub it in,” Rachel happily orders.

Two of them rub each other’s breasts together, while your girlfriend comes over to you and rips your shirt off.

“This was a great idea,” you say, lust overflowing in your voice.

“Shut up and feel my tits.”

You grab hold of each of Rachel’s soft, wet breasts, oil dripping all around your hands. Meanwhile you feel a wet, cold, feeling around your cock. When you look down the other blonde is hard at work on your dick, gulping in her mouth to further jerk your cock. It doesn’t stop there — the other two come up and rub their shiny tits around your arms.

“Let’s go even further,” your girlfriend hints.