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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by StrawHat...)

“I’m going to ring my dad,” you tell her.

“Oh wow, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’d love to fuck your dad, and my dad too!” your girlfriend exclaims.

This takes you by surprise. You were actually just going to brag to your dad about how all your dirty fantasies about Rachel were about to come true.

“Are you sure that’s okay with you?” asks Rachel eagerly.

You think about it for a while. You imagine your girlfriend getting fucked by your father and her’s. At first, you thought you’d be disgusted, but the idea turns you on.

“Sure. Let’s do it,” you say, getting excited.

“Yes! Ross, you’re the best!” she says. “So, when should we start?”

“Tomorrow night. Let’s call them right now and tell them our idea. And they should arrive by tomorrow,” you suggest.

The two of you call both your dads. Rachel even calls her step-dad, who she doesn’t get along with too well, but she is hoping this time together will create a bond between them.

All three fathers agree to come over. The two of you decide to rest and prepare for tomorrow.