Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As seven PM approaches on game day your girlfriend still hasn’t really said or done anything. She’s still dressed casually and with disappointment you realize she wants to keep it as a fantasy between the two of you. “Rachel, I take it you are not going to get dressed up then and serve the beers then?”

Rachel looks at you in alarm, “Oh, I’m so sorry I nearly forgot! What an airhead I am!” She suddenly jumps to her feet, kisses you quickly and runs off to the bedroom.

A few minutes after she leaves you, you hear the shower go on just before there’s a knock at the door. As you open it you see your two best friends standing there with beers and you quickly usher them in. As you are making small talk and cracking open the cans you suddenly hear a squeal behind you.

“Jamie! Carl! It’s so good to see you! Sorry I’m running late so I’m not ready yet.”

As you turn you see your girlfriend wrapped in a green towel which covers her important bits (just) coming towards Jamie. With one hand holding the towel firmly closed she uses the other to give him a hug pushing her body into his. She then repeats this with Carl. “Oh, I really have missed you boys, seems like ages since you been around!”

Both of your friends look like naughty schoolboys, it’s obvious both are growing boners staring at your girlfriend but trying not to show it.

“Well I better go and put some clothes on before the others arrive, I can’t be serving you beer naked wrapped in a towel can I?” She smiles at them both and gives you a kiss and walks off to the bedroom.

Just before the bedroom door closes all three of you glimpse her naked from behind for a split second. Luckily for you, before Jamie or Carl can say anything there’s another knock on the door and you go off to open it. As your other two friends enter you wonder where tonight will lead.