Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you settle in to watch the match Rachel sits obediently at your feet on her knees. The guys are watching Rachel more than the game but are trying hard to not be seen. After fifteen minutes the game is pretty tight and Rachel stands up. “I think I need to get more beers!”

She leans over and kisses you deeply. You realize everyone is looking at you, then it dawns on you Rachel is bending over with her ass in their direction and the daisy dukes must be riding up so high.

As Rachel goes through to the kitchen, Carl gives Jamie a slight look and stands as well. “I’ll give Rachel a hand.”

Again you sit there wondering what’s going on in the kitchen. You are angry at what happened with Jamie and Rachel and as the memory of him fondling her tits goes through your brain you are surprised to find you have an erection. You desperately want to go and check on Carl but need to give it a few minutes to subside. Finally you manage to get up and make your way to the kitchen.

“Jamie is right, this material is lovely,” you hear Carl say. Before your brain can stop you, you enter the kitchen expecting to see Carl groping your girlfriend, but he is sitting opposite her as she is opening beers. It takes a second for your brain to process that the thing Carl is holding is Rachel’s bikini top and she is topless in front of him.

Carl looks at you but before he can make an excuse Rachel jumps in. “Ross! Sorry the beers are taking so long. Carl wanted to feel the material of the bikini top and after my mistake with Jamie I made sure he didn’t feel my tits!” With this Rachel jumps up. “If you two can bring your drinks I will take these through to the boys.”

Before you can answer Rachel is away carrying three more beers and wearing just a pair of daisy dukes, her tits swaying freely. You need to stop this now otherwise you know where it will lead. Why is your girlfriend being such a bimbo? Surely the acting has gone too far now…