Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel has read through the script around four or five times and excitedly leaves you on Thursday night for the women-only audition. You are still a bit apprehensive but seeing her this happy and excited makes you relax.

A little past ten, Rachel comes home and gives you a big cuddle. “Well that was interesting!” Rachel says while kicking off her shoes. “I think I did I well. Only four of us showed up. Emma, a tall skinny brunette, she’s really pretty, I think she did well. Katie, she’s a bit big and shy, she didn’t really get involved and she left early, and Kerri, she’s quite young but was enthusiastic so I think I have a good chance.”

“So what did you have to do?” you ask nervously.

Rachel smiles at you. “Oh we just went through the script with Mike our neighbor, Mark the producer and Ian, one of the main actors. It was really strange as we all stripped off naked to do the whole run through. Mark said it would make us less self conscious if we had seen each other totally naked and he was right. It was scary at first but after a few minutes it was fine.”

You look at your girlfriend. “So all of the women were naked and the men too?”

Rachel laughs. “Yes, but not like that. It felt kind of normal if that makes any sense?

You nod your head as you can’t think of anything to say and so Rachel continues. “Then we just ran through the performance with the four of us — well, not really, Katie switched in and out of the roles taking direction from Mark.”

“Erm,” you interrupt, “but what did you do about the sex scenes, how did they do that?”

Rachel smiles at you again. “Ross, it’s all you ever think about!” She giggles. “Well, the blowjob scene was what we thought — Ian just simulated me sucking him off as I moved my head up and down. His cock kept hitting my face and he apologized, but after a few seconds we got into a rhythm and it looked realiztic. It was the same when he was supposedly fucking me. I can’t lie, I did get a little wet darling. I’m so sorry, it’s just his cock kept brushing up against me. I’m sure I’ll learn to just ignore it.”

You sit there open-mouthed as your girlfriend is telling you this. “However,” she continues, “there isn’t any way around the masturbation scenes so we each took turns wanking Ian’s cock as Bianca in the first section, then tried to wank both Mark and Mike at the same time in the latter scene. That’s really hard to do, but I think it went well.”

Utterly stunned, you don’t know how to react. “You wanked off three men and simulated sex and blow jobs. Rachel, you don’t seem to be the least bit bothered by the fact you have been cheating on me!”

Rachel looks crestfallen at you. “But it’s only acting, Ross. I’m just playing a role. You said you would support me!”

Rachel turns and goes off to bed as you follow her you try and apologize. “Look I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just you know, you are doing things with other men.”

As Rachel strips off ready for bed, she looks at you, still with a sad look on her face. “I sort of understand what you mean, but it’s not cheating. I’m not in love or lust with these men, it’s a character I play.”

As you climb into bed both naked, you turn to your girlfriend as a thought suddenly hits you. “So how did they do the scene where the man cums over Katerina’s face?”

Rachel kisses you and grabs hold of your cock which you have just realized is already fully erect. “It’s acting remember? Mike is on a special diet so he produces a lot of cum. He literally gets himself ready off stage, comes onto stage and after a few more pulls spurts a load of cum. It really was impressive to watch. Fair play to Emma, she took it well. The secret is to keep your mouth shut and hold your breath, so we were told.”

As your girlfriend engulfs your cock in her body, you are relieved it wasn’t Rachel he had cum over. However you are surprised to feel a little disappointed also.

“I find out tomorrow if I get a part. I think I will,” Rachel says as she rides your cock. “And I can practice wanking you as a thank you for your support to get me in shape for the show.”

With that, you explode violently inside your girlfriend and quickly fall asleep.