Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

The following week is full rehearsals so the full cast of twelve is present. Rachel gives you a full rundown as she leads you upstairs. “It’s so good to get out of these clothes. It sounds strange but now the full cast is there it’s weird having clothes on in the scenes where I’m not naked. It really works from a nerves point of view as I am fine with it. The new guys didn’t know where to look though when we did our scenes!”

“Mike was really worried about cumming on me again but once he knew I was okay he relaxed about it, we all just agreed if any of the men cum, it’s fine and we will just get on with it. Good job for Mark that we agreed that!”

As your girlfriend slowly rides your cock you wait for her to continue. As it’s obvious she’s not going to, you press her. “Don’t leave me hanging, Rachel, what happened with Mike?”

Rachel smiles at you. “Remember it’s only acting. Ian was late so they switched roles, I had to wank Mike in the second scene then he entered me in the fourth one, you know, when I’m talking to my friend. That scene’s really hard as I am chatting like nothing’s happening whilst he’s obviously fucking me. Ian is bigger than Mike, he’s more your size, but it’s still hard to concentrate on your lines and not forget that you can’t react to it. Anyway about three or four minutes on, Mike suddenly grabs my hips and I feel him unloading himself in me.”

Shocked, you look at your girlfriend. Her eyes are closed but she’s smiling at the memory. “He came inside of you? What did you do?”

Rachel opens her eyes slowly. “Well, obviously I ignored him and finished the scene. I had to continue with his cum inside of me all through the play. The threesome was funny though as I was so wet, Ian, who was playing Mike’s role as he finally turned up, pushed himself inside of me while I was pretending to let Mark fuck me anally. I think he forgot that we don’t actually do it in this scene as we have the covers on.”

Rachel laughs out loud and it catches you off guard. “I really love the way your cock feels in me. I know two others have been inside me today but there’s nothing like your cock.”

As Rachel continues to ride you she suddenly says something that of course you knew was coming but had forgotten about completely. “I can’t believe we only have three more rehearsals until opening night. I have posted it on Facebook and tagged you. Can you repost please? We need to get as many people to the show as possible. The theatre holds a hundred and eighty people so that’s over two thousand tickets to sell over the two week period.”

As your orgasm builds you realize your friends and family are going to see your Rachel naked, fucking, wanking and sucking other men on stage. It’s only acting, you keep repeating, as you cum hard, yet again.