Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you Share the Facebook page you look at the cover photo of the play. It looks really professional. You naturally recognize your girlfriend, her low cut top showing her breasts off. The woman you guess is Emma is very pretty and you can’t wait to see her naked. The three main guys are pictured with the two women. You recognise Mike and guess Ian is the taller of the other two. The other characters are around the edges of the photo. “Shakespeare for the 21st Century. Strictly 18+. Warning, this play contains graphic nudity and simulated sex scenes,” you read.

After a few minutes your best friend Jamie replies to your post. “Is that your Rachel in this? Are we having a boys’ night out to watch? I’m in!” As you try to ignore your friend, another message comes up from Rachel’s boss, John. “Can’t wait, I have front row tickets for opening night. Should be fun!”

As you shut down Facebook you hear Rachel come home downstairs. As she enters the bedroom you can tell she’s not her normal self. Guiltily, you hope she’s got cold feet and pulled out, “What’s the matter darling?” you ask.

Rachel starts to strip off and once naked she joins you in bed. “Oh nothing, just hit a little problem and I’m getting nervous we won’t solve it for opening night.”

Puzzled you look at her as she starts to stroke your cock. “What problem?” you inquire.

“Well,” says Rachel, “We have every scene nailed down perfectly apart from one. The threesome scene I do is needed to show Katherina how she must give up all of herself to her husband and his every wish, but in the scene we are covered. It’s meant to be me lost in lust being taken by two men at the same time, but you can’t see anything and it doesn’t work. We tried it without the covers on. Naturally Mike pushed himself into me and Mark was pretending to be in my ass but it really didn’t work as Ian said it just didn’t look real. You know I don’t do anal so I don’t know how to get around it. I suggested blowing Mark while Mike fucked me but I have lines to say so we can’t. It’s really worrying me.”

“Don’t worry about it, it will be fine. Remember you are just playing a role you will work it out.”

Rachel launches on you. “That’s a fantastic idea, thank you, thank you. I’m playing the part of a slut. I can do anal. I will do anal. I love you so much!”

As you wonder how your girlfriend got to this conclusion from what you just said, you nearly don’t notice the fact that you have just cum.