Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

Knowing your girlfriend wants big, hard dicks, you went to the hood and showed a gang a few pics of your lady all dressed up. They agreed to meet at the old factory on Friday. You took the time to set up cameras everywhere, so you could watch your girlfriend get fucked ruthlessly.

Friday comes around and you tell Rachel that there’s trouble and she better suit up! Smiling, she puts on her sexy hero outfit. “Babe, there is a gang hanging out in the old factory. Bring them to justice!”

Now dressed in her sexy outfit, in her superhero persona, she simply nods at you. It’s raining as she makes her way through the night to the old factory. You watch on the cameras as she sneaks, soaking wet, through the fencing. She spots the gang of men hanging out by the front of the warehouse and she knows that if they spot her she will get stabbed by all their dicks!

Rachel’s wanting pussy twitches as she fantasizes about being skewered on all their fat cocks. They don’t notice as she makes her way around the back of the factory. She wants to catch them by surprise. As she makes her way around the building, she spots her reflection in a window. She can’t help but tremble at how sexy she is in her wet see-through clothing, knowing you showed that gang of guys her sexy photos, and told them that it’s her fantasy to be gang-raped.

You are frightened as you watch a big black man sneak up behind Rachel — you know he’s not in the gang. Seeing how hot and wet she is in her reflection she can’t help but stick a finger her tight pussy. She spots the black hobo sneaking up behind her. As she turns to face him he grabs her by the throat, pinning her to the wall as he rubs his already-freed dick against her wet pussy.

Her arousal, choking, a fat cock threatening to stab her is too much and she instantly sprays all over the hobo’s dick. The sight of the young heroine cumming as he chokes her is too much for him too — as she sprayed against his throbbing dick, he instantly came. As she watches his fat dick shoot jizz she grinds her spraying pussy up and down his massive cock. He is dazed for a moment and you laugh as she punches him in the temple, knocking him out. You see her staring at his cum dripping cock, knowing she wants to sit on it but she doesn’t.

Rachel opens the door to the factory. She looks afraid as you watch her sneak down the halls. Your balls swell as she approaches the door that will bring her face-to-face with the gang. She slams the door to bring attention to her entrance. None of them thought she would get the drop on them. She stands defiantly in front of them, watching as they become hard at the sight of her. As she sticks out her chest she proclaims, “You are all sick men and I am here to bring you all to justice!”

Looking at the would-be heroine all the members of the gang pull out theIr dicks. You watch as fifteen massive cocks are pulled out and aimed at your girlfriend.

“How dare you!” she yells as she moves to the center of the room, allowing the gang to surround her. Slowly they move in. She throws a kick at the closing mob but her leg is caught and the gang can now see how wet she is! Strong hands pin her arms behind her back, forcing her large breasts out of her tight top. She shivers in ecstasy as lips begin to suck at her hard nipples. Whimpering, she sprays as big hard cocks rub against wanting but unwilling holes!

“Let me go!” she screams as the first big dick rams its thirteen-inch shaft into her unprotected pussy, cumming inside her instantly. Feeling herself impaled makes her spray again. “Ahh,” she yells as he removes his sated cock. You watch as she is lifted into the air and her ass is dropped on a massive black cock. You see her eyes roll back in ecstasy as another big dick stabs deep in her pussy. They bounce her up and down, her constant orgasms only making them fuck her harder. You watch as two hard dicks jizz inside of her at the same time.

Crying, Rachel begs for them to stop as another big black dick forces its way inside her, making her cum again. He slams her cunt deep and hard until he explodes inside her. She can feel his sperm shooting inside her and she cums again. Everywhere she looks there are hard dicks. She begins to suck one as another starts to titty-fuck her. The air is forced from her as she is forced down onto another massive cock, she begins to ride it as another goon rapes her ass. Cocks everywhere, she sucks and jerks as much as she can, cumming every time she sees or feels them shoot jizz.