Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Hard-dick...)

The night arrives when you have to watch your girlfriend get fucked by several men and behave like a slut on stage with her boss, your best friend and many others you know, all watching and enjoying the view. Your girlfriend has beautiful tits, a nice round ass and, from multiple days of sex, a not-so-tight pussy (or even ass for that matter.)

You have front row seats next to her boss John, and a backstage pass. You go in to meet the team and give them a thumbs up, kissing your girlfriend to make sure the guys know who she is with in reality. You go back out and sit next to John. He looks at you. “You nervous? She’ll be great I can assure you,” he says with an odd smile, like he knows what he was talking about.

Before you can reply the show starts. Rachel is dressed in a nice dress. It shows an awful lot of cleavage but it is better than what is to come.

The real excitement comes in scene two as the curtains open to show your naked girlfriend lying on stage blowing Ian, then wanking-off Mark and Mike. Here you are in the center of the auditorium watching Rachel blow a man, then jerk off two others while sitting next to her boss, who has a visible boner from staring at his nude employee being fucked by men.

You lean in towards her boss. “If this is turning you on then wait until the next scene,” you say smiling as the curtains fall.

The next scene starts with Rachel talking with her friend before Ian not-so-subtly pushes into her and starts thrusting in and out of her doggy-style while she speaks to her friend as though nothing is happening. You see her boss stare intently as her boobs sway front and back with each thrust. He stutters as he whispers in your ear, “Is he… really… in her?” to which you can only smirk and wink at him. It is obvious that before the scene ends Ian reaches climax. He pulled her hips back towards him as he came in her.

The next scene has Katherine kissing her female fantasy to which quite a few people cheered, but many were screaming for Rachel to come on stage again. They weren’t disappointed after all — the next scene started with Rachel on all fours as Mark thrust into her ass. Ian walked in afterwards with his limp dick, and on the visual he gets turned on and takes her front hole. The two men see-saw Rachel between them as they thrust into her in the rhythm of the music playing in the background. All the men in the audience stared at Rachel and wished they were Mark and Ian. Her boss is literally drooling at the sight, but he drools even more when both men cum in her.

By the end of the show everyone in the audience is cheering. Only the women stand up to give a standing ovation — obviously it was too embarrassing for the men to stand with their erections.

You walk backstage to meet your girlfriend who is now oozing with cum out of all her holes. “Tonight, I’m going to fuck you like crazy,” you say, teasing her as you squeeze her ass and leave, saying goodnight to the others.

You know Rachel will be late home as there are many men who want to meet her and talk to her about her extremely visual performance. It is clear that the next two weeks are going to be full house just because of your sweetheart.