Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Chase...)

“Let’s go to the ring!” you suggest.

An hour later you, your girlfriend and your step-sister arrive at an abandoned wrestling ring.

“What the…” stammers Rachel.

“Relax Rachel. You’ve never had a sex fight like this before?” you ask.

“Never in my life!” squeals Rachel excitedly. She climbs in the ring and puts on some boxing gloves.

“Hey Ross!” Your sister Amy walks over to you. “Remember when you made me throw up on your cock in here because you beat me and deep-throated me way too hard?”

“Never again,” you laugh. “I may have been too rough.”

“I was screaming at you, I’m gonna puke! I’m gonna puke!”

You burst out laughing. “Oh shut up,” you say, lightly punching her arm. “I knocked you out fair and square!”

Rachel punches her fists together. “Who’s my first opponent? Amy? Or you baby? I can take both of you at the same time!”