Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Nate...)

The girls come down and see what you made for them. They sit down and start eating, but then they sneak under the table over to you. You are fully nude due to you making the rule of “no clothes unless we are expecting not to have sex with other visitors.”

Both girls start kissing your rod, making you really hard, so you grab them both and carry them out to the futon. You set Connie down first and you set your girlfriend on Connie’s stomach. They start scissoring and then they both cum on each other. They are spent but then realize that you are still rock-hard. Rachel decides to make a call and a few minutes later you hear a knock.

You answer it only to see your step-sister Amy in only a g-string. She pushes you back inside, closes the door and then she turns to you still naked. She doesn’t need a reason to get you deep in her so you carry her while she rides you and you take her upstairs and set her down on the bed.

Connie is the first one to say hi in her naughty way. Then Rachel starts eating her out as Connie sits on your step-sister’s face. While Amy is being eaten out by your girlfriend you move in and immediately start anal-fucking Amy’s tight fat ass. Rachel comes up and scissors your step-sister and you pull out all the way to the tip, then slam your full length in her ass. Her moans are muffled as Connie is still on her face.

After a few hours you have finished in all three girls and Rachel and Connie pass out from the satisfaction, but you are still hard so you grab your step-sister and whisper in her ear that you want her to move in with you, Connie and your girl. She grabs hold of your cock and guides it to her slit and says she has her stuff out in her car because she was hoping you would be okay with her living with you, mainly because she wants to see how you have grown since college. She looks at you with her sexy turquoise eyes and pulls you into her already-wet pussy, kissing you softly and seductively.

Amy whispers in your ear that her answer is yes, but she wants you to show her how you feel about her. You pick her up and take her to the futon and tell her about how you got this mansion and how Connie was the realtor and so you got a good deal on it for banging her. But your step-sister just puts her finger on your lips to say enough of this, let’s have some fun.

Amy starts making out with you and just keeps grinding on your dick. She cums five times before you turn her over and fuck her tight ass. She is surprised you haven’t filled her with cum yet so she turns back around and tell you to spray your load in her tight wet cunt.

You get really deep inside her and cum bucket loads. As you do this, Connie and Rachel come out and see what you did. Then you all fuck every day for a month straight and live happily together in your four-way relationship.

The End