Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ns...)

Later, when your beautiful girlfriend has fallen asleep, you hear a knock on the door. You glance at Rachel and see that she’s still out like a light. You carefully get up to answer the door and to your surprise her best friend is standing in the doorway with only a coat on.

Monica notices your boner and pulls you through the door and out to the lounge room. She pushes you back on the couch and tugs off your boxers before removing her coat which, as you suspected, leaves her completely naked. She walks over to you and starts jacking you off while she tells you she has waited for the chance to fuck you since you were in high school.

Monica slowly gets on top of you and starts riding you hard. You sigh and close your eyes. Sometimes you’ve dreamed of her tits in your mouth while you were doing your girlfriend. Now it’s all come true!

Suddenly you feel another hand on your balls. You look up to see Rachel standing there, watching as her best friend fucks you. She tells you that this was her plan all along because she’s always dreamed of having a three-way with you both.

Continuing to ride you, Monica grabs Rachel’s waist and pulls her close, burying her face between her thighs and eating her out noisily.