Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Well, it’s New Year’s Eve in a couple of days and we are at that house party,” you say. “I know it’s mainly couples and families but I’m sure there will be a few singles amongst them. We need to be careful though, all of our friends are there.”

Rachel smiles at you and kisses you deeply, “Oh, that’s a really good idea. If I play my cards right New Year’s Eve will begin with a bang!” she giggles.

On the night, Rachel dresses to impress — a short black jumper dress which is normally only ever worn with leggings is tonight backed up by a pair of black stockings. As you walk to the front door, Rachel smiles and takes your hand, pushing it up her skirt. Not only is she not wearing any panties but she is smooth. “Thought it might make tonight more interesting,” she smiles and walks ahead of you.

At the party it’s a standard affair, about ten couples with kids of varying ages all mingling. The women are tending to be talking in groups and men in the other. You are standing talking to your best friend Jamie, a couple of the other husbands and a bloke called Dave who you don’t know.

Dave, it turns out, is recently divorced. Jamie jokes that it was the only way to get him fit again. Making small talk, you ask if he goes to the gym a lot now. A small ripple of laughter comes from the group. “Only gym he’s been using is the divorcees and singletons trampoline sessions in his bedroom, lucky bastard!” says Paul, one of the other dads.

The whole group breaks up into more laughter. At this point Rachel appears. She gently kisses each of the men on the cheek as if she’s known them for years. As you are about to introduce Dave, she grins at him. “Dave! How are you! What are you doing here?”

Taken aback you stutter, “Oh, so you two know each other?”

Before either can answer, Jamie butts in with, “Yes, they went trampolining together!”

All of the group erupt in laughter except you and Rachel, who looked confused. Dave smiles at your girlfriend. “Rachel used to be really good friends with Lisa, my ex.”

Rachel looks crestfallen. “Oh sorry Dave, I didn’t know you two had split up. We sort of drifted apart.”

Dave shrugs his shoulders. “It’s fine, honestly. We wanted different things. I wanted sex, she didn’t!”

Again everyone laughs but this time you both join in. Rachel wanders off to find her female friends and the conversation reverts to “man” talk.

As the hours go by, people get more and more relaxed and the sexes mingle more. You spot Rachel talking to Jamie and Dave, laughing and being very touchy-freely with her hands. It’s a sure sign she’s had a few drinks. As the music plays, a couple of people are dancing in the open space of the extension. Rachel smiles and joins a few other girlfriends and mums dancing. As you stand and watch, Jamie and Dave walk over to you.

“She’s really nice, your Rachel, you are a lucky man,” says Dave.

“Cheers mate. I know.”

As the next song comes on, a couple of the women grab their men to dance. Rachel runs across to you. “Come on!” she says, cuddling you, “dance with me!”

You feel awkward as you don’t like dancing. “It’s fine darling, dance with your friends, I’m okay here. Honestly.”

Rachel fake-frowns at you. “I have already danced with my friends. I haven’t danced with yours yet. Dave?”

Dave grins, grabs hold of Rachel’s hand, and goes to dance.

Jamie looks at you. “Be careful, Ross. Dave is a terrible flirt. He will try it on with Rachel so best to cut in as soon as you can.”

You nod, noncommittally. Within seconds, Dave pulls Rachel tight to him. He’s doing it jokingly but this still allows him to push his body against hers. As they dance his hand “accidentally” brushes your girlfriend’s ass.

You can see Jamie looking at you out of the corner of his eye. He says something to you but you just gulp. Tonight is going to be a very interesting time…