Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yaboi...)

Rachel walks into the room in that sexy lingerie she put on earlier. She grabs same shampoo from the wall and begins to pour it all over Fernanda’s sexy curves. Your sexy neighbor moans in pleasure at the feeling of the shampoo trickling all over her back.

“Yes, Ross, fuck me just like that!”

You pull your cock out of Fernanda’s pussy, hearing her gasp. You decide to put your cock in her other hole, leaving her pussy all wet for later. Rachel gets on the floor under Fernanda and starts sucking her cunt as Fernanda sits on your girlfriend’s face while you fuck her ass from behind. As you fuck Fernanda, making her massive tits jiggle up and down, she moans to the feel of your cock going in and out of her tight asshole. You’re recent affair with your neighbor has been hot, but she hasn’t let you do this before!

Rachel eventually gets up and so does Fernanda. You stand in front of them as they both beg to suck your cock.

“Give me that cock, Ross!” cries Fernanda.

“No, it’s fucking mine!” retorts Rachel.

They both take a side of your cock, sucking it up and down and making it super wet and sticky. Rachel says, “Don’t you love the feel of my boyfriend’s cock in your mouth?”

Both of them take turns sucking your cock deep, gasping and moaning, making wet sloppy sounds. You feel that you are about to cum and you groan, “Here it comes, bitches!”

They put their tongues out in readiness and tou release your load all over both of their faces. You watch them make out with your cum smearing around, while you jerk your cock to release every last spurt over them.