Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Justin...)

Mrs White turns to leave. Instantly you pull your cock out of Rachel and put Mrs White in a headlock.

“Where ya going White? We’re just getting started!”

You shove your hand down Mrs White’s pants and start rubbing furiously.

“Oh! How dare you!” screams Mrs White, trying to hide the pleasure she’s feeling. “My husband… is a prison (ooh!) warden! He’ll have you down there in maximum custoooooody… in (rrgh!) seconds!”

“Fuck her baby!” Rachel says excitedly. “Fuck her good!”

You turn Mrs White around and tear open her bra. Instantly you realize she takes Krav Maga, as she punches you and defends herself.

“Ooh… that was naughty White!” you say while moving towards her. You catch her next few punches and elbow her in the nose, bringing her down to her knees, nose bleeding. You then force open her mouth and shove your cock deep down her throat.