Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Justin...)

You roll out of Monica’s headlock and before she can tackle you again, you punch her square in the nose. She reels back and holds her aching nose, and you take this to your advantage and put her in a full nelson.

“Ross!” she screams “That actually hurt!”

You let her out of the full nelson, startled, and she punches you in the gut. Your girlfriend has seen all of this.

“Ross!” she shouts. “Do something!”

Instantly you feel like the incredible hulk as flip Monica over. She lands on her back hard, and you sit atop her, punching her over and over and over again as she squirms to dodge.

“Give up?”

“Never!” she says, but her chances of winning are hopeless as you drill her one more time in the gut and she cries out.

“I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP!” She starts tapping out wildly on the ground.