Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

Wearing a nearly sheer, white, crop top with no bra leaves your lady’s big breasts and large, sensitive nipples nearly exposed. With a white choker and tiny plaid skirt, thigh-high stockings, crotchless panties and her hair in sexy pigtails, any man that sees her would instantly try to fuck her.

“I feel sexy dressed like this,” Rachel says. “I want to watch guys dicks get hard from looking at me. I’m wet just thinking about it. Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, I’m a little scared. I’m really asking for it if I go out dressed like this.”

“Look what you did to me,” you reply as you pull out your rock solid six-incher. You put it back before she can grab it. “I have the GoPro ready and the handy cam. I did some research online and there seems to be one bus that runs from the boondoggle to the Red Light district that girls get sexually abused on. I guess the bus is usually filled with big dumb hicks with big dicks or gangbanging brothers with horse cocks. I know I’m the only one who’s ever fucked you and we’ve never done anal but if you really want to do this you should lube up your ass and be prepared to get pounded by much bigger dicks than mine, and I don’t imagine anyone is going to be nice about it.”

“Look, Ross!” She pulls up her skirt to show you how wet she is.

“Good,” you say. “Your pussy is going to need it. Let’s go.”

You get in the car and drive to the boondocks where the bus makes its first stop. It’s sprinkling out tonight and Rachel didn’t bring a rain coat.

“Are we really going to do this?” she asks, fear clearly visible in her eyes. Still in the car you count ten men waiting for the bus.

“Look, just act like a lost school girl trying to get home. I’ll be following you recording everything, now get out of the car and walk over to the bus stop. I’ll follow you in a minute.”

You watch as Rachel steps out into the rainy night. She only takes a few steps before turning around to face you. The rain has already soaked her top, making it cling tighter to her large breasts. You know her nipples are her weak spot and you can see that the rain and her fear has made them erect. Her large areolas and hard nipples are clearly visible through her wet top. Once you’ve stepped out of the car she smiles meekly and slowly turns and begins to walk across the parking lot. You follow a good distance behind, not wanting anyone to know that you’re actually with her.

Rachel hesitates a good sixty feet before the bus stop. The ten men are all huddled together under the bus stop, trying to keep out of the rain. As you follow behind her you notice three big men in a van staring at her as she tries to muster the courage to walk up to the bus stop.

The sound of the van doors slamming shut startles her and she sees the three big men walking towards her. This frightens her to action. You see a look of steely resolve come over her as she turns away from the three men. She takes a deep breath, puffs out her chest and walks confidently over to the bus stop. You are only a few feet behind the men that got out of the van. You hear one of them say, “That girl’s gonna get it,” as you see him adjusting what must be a massive cock in his pants.

Your girlfriend reaches the bus stop but she doesn’t try to huddle under the awning with all the men. Instead she stands alone under the streetlight off to the left. You are amazed at how sexy she looks, soaking wet in the cold rainy night. The three men from the van crowd under the awning with the rest of the men, all of whom you notice are staring right at your sexy girlfriend. You can see that she is visibly afraid as she is not use to being ogled. To her credit she acts as though she doesn’t notice the fourteen men eyeing her or the fact that she is dressed like a school girl stripper who’s big ass, tits and rock-hard nipples are on full display.

A man walks across the parking lot holding an umbrella. He notices your girlfriend and walks over and stands next to her, holding his umbrella over her.

“Why, thank you,” she says, as she takes a step closer to him so they both can stay dry.

“My pleasure,” he replies as he takes a step closer, positioning himself directly behind her. You can see that your girlfriend is terrified. Trembling from both the cold and fear she stares at you. All of the men at the bus stop think she is staring at them. You watch as the man behind her begins to subtly touch her butt, tapping it a few times before openly grabbing a handful over her skirt. You see her bat his hand away as she steps away from him.