Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued FlurryFlute…)

Smiling you suddenly kiss her, surprising her at first, but she returns the kiss.

Her hips crash against yours as she enters another orgasm. The way her walls whimper around your cock like a dog wanting a treat turns you on even more as you flip her over, and start pounding hard into her pussy, getting exciting moans of pure pleasure and submissiveness. You can’t help but release all of your built-up cum. From all the way back when you first found out about your girlfriend’s fantasy, to actually seeing her being fucked by other men, it all just flows out into the accepting pussy of this random woman on your cock while you and her make out like an old married couple.

The kiss doesn’t end even after you’ve stopped coming. You both get a feeling — a primal urge to protect each other to the very last second. This is because you just gave this random woman a piece of your soul in the form of a child that’s now starting to grow inside of her.

“I’ll take good care of it,” she whispers in your ear and lays her head on your chest as if you were her husband.

Remembering how her husband is fucking the baby-sitter, what do you decide to do with her?