Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Well,” Rachel starts. “You know Monica is away on business in South Africa?”

You nod, not sure where this is going.

“Well it’s taking much longer to sort the problem out over there so she’s going to be away for another two weeks.”

That’s really bad news for Monica, not seeing her two kids or boyfriend for what will be five weeks by the time she returns, but you still can’t see what Rachel is asking.

Rachel continues. “I have been calling her on video chats to keep up her morale but she’s very down. She feels so guilty about leaving Jamie to do everything with the kids and the house. The only good bit, Monica says, is when the kids are in bed she and Jamie get to chat for hours. It gets really hot and Monica plays with herself while Jamie wanks.”

Hearing your girlfriend talk about your neighbors and friends like this leaves you open mouthed. “Jamie refuses to cum though. He wants to save it for her but it’s been three weeks and he’s suffering. It’s his birthday on Saturday and Monica has asked if I would go around and, erm, help, in the video call.”

Rachel looks at you, her eyes pleading with you not to be angry.

“So you want to fuck my friend, your best friend’s boyfriend?” you ask.

“No, no it’s not like that,” Rachel replies angrily. “It’s not like that. I love you, I want you, it’s just Jamie’s in pain and Monica feels guilty and wants me to help out. We have discussed it and I think I am alright with what she’s asked me to do. All I have to do is play with him and suck him while Monica and he talk dirty to each other. It’s Monica he’s looking at and wanting, I’m just there to make him cum. Please say I can do it, please, I really want to help.”