Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

As the sun falls a storm rolls in. Rachel bursts back through the front door. “Holy shit, it’s raining hard out there.”

“No time to rest my love,” you tell her. “There are reports of gangbangers that are hooked on a new sex drug. They are hanging out in the abandoned mirror factory. It’s just on the other side of the park across the street. You must go at once and bring them all to justice.”

She gives you a stoic look and says, “Don’t worry, Tight Girl the ninja nun is on the case.”

Like a true supervillain you have planned the perfect trap to defeat your arch nemesis “Tight Girl” whom also happens to be your sexy, loving, young girlfriend. Being an extremely rich bio-chemist, you bought the abandoned insane asylum weeks ago. Since then you’ve installed state of the art surveillance in it.

You then hired a local gang known as “The Mandingos” and gave them the asylum as their new den. You also added a new sex drug you made into the water tower. Now the gang members are twice as strong. Their manhood has also doubled in length and width, capable of cumming twenty times the ejaculate of a normal man.

Rachel, now dressed as “Tight Girl,” is wearing a Nun’s habit with a mask around her eyes and a tight, white choker around her neck. A lacy white string bikini with no fabric to cover her weak spots leaves her overly-sensitive nipples and large areolas on full display. A tight, black leather coat, four sizes too small, does nothing to cover her perky D cups. A white string thong, also devoid of fabric, outlines her tight, young, defenseless pussy. A pair of crotch-less and ass-less, black leather chaps accompanied by four-inch black stiletto heels raise her diminutive height to five foot nine inches. She claims that she designed the outfit to excite and distract the evil men she brings to justice. She got the name “Tight Girl” from being so physically fit. That, and the fact that despite her outfit, none of the evil men she has faced have ever been able to rape her. That all ends tonight.

You watch as she sizes herself up one more time in the hallway mirror. As always her nipples are already hard and you can see fluid has started leaking from her exposed vagina.

She exits the front door. Not wanting to miss any of the action you follow her with a drone. She is instantly soaked by the cold stormy night. Her outfit is literally doing nothing to keep her warm. She quickens to a jogging pace, her breasts and ass bouncing in time with her stride. She stops in front of the well-lit bathrooms to catch her breath. There are no doors to the bathrooms so they are always open and, strangely, the light in the men’s room is on.

Rachel “Tight Girl” smells the unmistakable stench of homelessness as she silently sneaks into the men’s room. A floor-to-ceiling mirror provides her a view of her perfect body made slick from the rain. She bends over to look for feet in the stalls. Not seeing any she stands back up to again admire herself in the mirror. You see a big homeless man walk across the empty lot to the men’s room.

Tight Girl spins as he enters the room only a step away. She tries to dance past him but greatly underestimates his speed. He grabs her by the throat, choking her as he pins her to the wall. He begins to rub her wet pussy with his free hand as his mouth takes turns sucking hard on each of her over-sensitized nipples.

You record from the drone as Tight Girl stares at herself being sexually assaulted in the mirror. You see her start to shake and spray from her pussy as she watches the homeless man choking her as he sucks her nipples and finger-bangs her. He was not expecting her to orgasm so he releases her as she sprays all over his hand and the floor.

Rachel furiously rubs her clit, finishing her orgasm as the bum pulls out his long, cum-dripping boner. Then she does a spinning axe kick, hitting the hobo in the temple and knocking him out cold.