Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Robbie M...)

“You wanna suck Mommy’s nipples?” says Rachel seductively.

“Sorry?” Did you really hear her saying that? “Do I want to suck my mom’s tits?!?”

“Not your mom’s, silly! My tits! Like I was your mother feeding you.”

Well you didn’t see that coming! But there’s definitely something exciting in what your girlfriend is saying. You decide to try her out.

“You mean… Like if I was really hungry?”


“Or if I wanted to be comforted?”

“That’s my boy, Ross! Now you’re getting the hang of it! Suck them. And play with them as you like.”

You look at Rachel’s big tits and their big areolas. You imagine what it would be like to really taste them and caress them. You try to get into character.


“What is it, son?”

That didn’t sound so bad as you feared. “I’m hungry! And… and I’m really sad…”

“Why? What’s up?” She’s really trying to sound like a concerned mother.

“Well… My car broke down today.” It really did, a flat tyre as you were driving to work.

“Oh, my poor baby! Wanna eat?” Rachel says as she’s holding out her right tit for you to suck on. You position yourself so you can reach her nipple with your mouth. You start to suck it with your lips to get a good grip and then take the whole areola in your mouth. You begin to squeeze her nipple quite softly and then you begin to fondle her other tit with your right hand.

“Oh, yes, baby…” Rachel begins to mumble and her nipples are becoming stiffer and stiffer. This causes your dick to get hard again.

“Wanna play with some toys when we’re finished?” she asks.

“Toys? What toys?”

“Well…” says Rachel and looks towards your drawer. “If you look in the top drawer you will find a surprise I bought for you today…”