Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

Your girlfriend’s spraying orgasm sends the brutes into a frenzy. The mutant holding her releases his grasp around her neck as he tosses her against the wall.

Rachel feels a hard smack across her face and another against her breasts as they begin to beat her with their massive cocks. A huge dick hits her in the stomach, knocking the breath from her, and she falls to her hands and knees. She screams as another brute whips her ass with his swollen member and another dick slaps her in the face.

One of the mutants grabs her by the head as he slowly drags his giant shaft across her beautiful face. Rachel grabs the soda-can-thick phallus and attempts to suck it. Her jaw strains to accept the huge, throbbing dick. He fucks her face hard and fast for a few moments before releasing her so his mates can do the same.

Rachel is forced to stand as the five behemoths all sandwich her at once, grinding against her body with their giant cocks. One of her ankles is lifted past her shoulder, forcing her to do the splits on one leg. Held in place by big strong hands she can only stare in horror as an oozing mutant tip begins to kiss the lips of her spread vagina.

Then it happens…

With one violent thrust her world explodes. She can see her belly expand as the evil, mutant cock forces its self all the way inside her. Rachel’s eyes roll back in her head, crying from the pain and pleasure of the first deep thrust. Her pussy erupts around the giant, mutant dick that is violating her.

The mutant inside her shudders. Seeing her twitching body orgasm from his first, deep thrust and feeling her tight insides struggling against his girth causes his cock to swell and cum. Balls-deep in her belly, he shoots hard, coating her uterus with his vile seed. He pulls out with a loud pop, his baseball-bat-sized cock still spraying hot cum as he falls away, making room for his friends.

One of the brutes lies on his back, his throbbing steeple sticking up like a flag pole. The mutants lift her by both legs and slowly lower her puckered asshole onto the dribbling, mutant dickhead. Her ass expands as she feels herself forced to take every inch of the disgusting evil cock.

When he is completely inside her ass, another mutant pushes her onto her back and begins to jackhammer himself in and out of her ravaged pussy. She can feel the two giant mutant cocks rubbing against each other deep inside her and again she is lost in a wave of orgasmic bliss.

Rachel’s breasts wobble to and fro as a third mutant sits on her stomach. He grabs her jiggly tits and rams his cock between them. She opens her mouth and begins to suck on the fourth pulsating dick that’s attacking her.

Defiantly she screams around the cock in her throat, bucking as hard as she can against the big dicks inside her. Rachel never stops orgasming as the mutants continue to gang-rape her. She feels it with burning intensity, as each mutant thrusts deep and hard, exploding, showering her inside and out with massive loads of thick, gooey jizz.

They fuck her again and again until their fat mutant cocks began to shrink and shrivel. As each one sprays the last of his mutant cum onto, or inside her, they fall to the ground in exhaustion, blacking out and reverting back to their human forms.