Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Noname...)

As you’re sitting there trying to make sense of what just happened, you look at Monica’s body and realize that you haven’t truly fucked her yet. That is what your girlfriend said, right? You can’t resist yourself and walk up behind Monica and start fingering her. She moans slightly, letting you know she’s ready for another round.

You slide your cock into her, and you can feel she’s already very wet. You start thrusting into Monica and Rachel stands up over her so you can eat her out. Monica starts moaning loudly and orgasms. Her body trembles as her pussy tightens around your cock and cums.

Your girlfriend gets down below her friend and starts licking her pussy and your shaft clean. You look down and realize Monica has started fingering her butt. You think, “screw it” and remove her finger from her asshole, replacing it with your dick. You can’t get in at first but your girlfriend takes care of that problem by licking your member.

You thrust a couple of times and finally get fully into Monica’s butt. She clenches at first but then relaxes. You start fucking her ass until you’re ready to explode. “Ahhh” you groan as you announce you’re cumming. She is too preoccupied to even comprehend that. Then, you let loose in her butt, filling it with your seed.

Spent, you lie there with your cock in her chute. Suddenly, you feel her shake and moan. You realize your girlfriend was eating her out the whole time. Monica violently orgasms, drenching Rachel’s face. She then falls asleep next to you and you fall asleep with your cock in Rachel’s best friend’s butt. What a night.