Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

“The taste of their pre-cum drove me crazy with lust,” continues Rachel. “I couldn’t stop them from deep-throating me. The feeling of each throbbing shaft pulsating in my throat made me wish my other holes could feel same sensation. I worked hard pumping each shaft as I bobbed from cock to swollen cock.”

“When they lifted me back to my feet I began to beg them to let me go. ‘Please,’ I said, ‘Don’t do this to me!’ Again I was surrounded and they all started to suck on me, hard, all over my body. I could barely stand as their hard sucking and rough groping brought me to another shivering orgasm. One of them sat on the sink counter with his massive erection sticking straight up. They lifted me onto his lap as the rest grabbed at my breasts. I could feel his hot, long shaft on my bare back. He held my arms back as his friends spread my legs and began to feast on my wet pussy and puckered asshole.”

“The man behind me lifted me by my tits. ‘Please!’ I screamed again as I felt his giant dick head prodding my ass cheeks, searching for my tight butthole. ‘You’re all too big, you’ll break me!’”

“’Shut up, bitch!’ one of them spat back as he again started choking me. I couldn’t help but grind my ass along the man’s fat long dick as his friends held me in place.”

“’Nooooooo!’ I screamed as he sank nine inches of dick into my virgin ass. The air was forced from me and my eyes rolled back in my head as an even bigger, thicker, raw dick stabbed its way into my uterus. I came instantly, convulsing with the most violent spraying orgasm of my life. Just as my climax was about to end, the man fucking my ass stiffened and I came again as I felt his dick shooting inside me. I couldn’t help but wring his cock dry as his mate quickened his jack-hammering of my defenseless pussy.”

“’Please not inside me!’ I screamed, cumming again as I felt his massive cock erupting deep in my stomach, painting my insides with hot jizz.”