Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by tany...)

“I want to be a cum dump whore!” blurts Rachel. “I want each of our neighbors, our friends, family members, office mates and everyone who sees me to use me as a cum dump! i want to taste everyone’s cum! i want to have cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I want to feel everyone’s cum in all my holes! I want you to let everyone fuck your whore girlfriend! Would you allow me to do this?”

You are quite shocked by Rachel’s fantasy, to put it mildly, but you think for a minute and you notice that it actually turns you on. What could go wrong?

“Okay, I will let you do it,” you say magnanimously.

Rachel jumps on you and starts to kiss you. “So let’s start it from today!” she suggests eagerly.

“How do you want to start?” you ask.

“Call all of your friends, family members and workmates and make a signboard and put it outside, so that everyone who passes by here can join. I’ll call my dad, brother, all my friends and colleagues,” she says with lots of excitement.

Rachel makes a conference call and starts inviting everyone while you get busy making the signboard which states that, “This is my girlfriend Rachel and she wants all of your cum! You can fuck and cum inside her too. Don’t forget to call your friends — she’ll be your cum slut for a whole week. Donate your cum in her pussy, mouth and ass.”

You show the board to Rachel after finishing it and she kisses you in gratitude after reading it. Then you make several dozen calls of your own.

Rachel emerges, dressed like a cute teenage girl wearing her old school uniform — a pale yellow see-through shirt (which is very tight) with a black skirt barely covering her ass and pussy. She is not wearing her panties and bra.

You admire her for a moment and you remember your school days. “Why did you wear that?” you ask.

“Actually I’ve had this fantasy since my school days. I used to think of every student and teacher fucking me in my school uniform and cumming all over my face and body. Then, after I reach home like this, my brother and dad also do the same thing to me. I wanted to sit in the boys’ toilet and suck everyone and watch them pee,” she answers.

“You were such a slut, and that’s why I fell in love with you!” you laugh.