Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Legion_2654...)

You have two days to come up with a plan. You decide that on Friday you are going to go to Dan’s yoga studio and offer him money to make a house call for your sister Amy that Saturday, meaning he has to cancel his Saturday appointment. You already talked about it with her and she agrees.

Come Friday morning you head to the studio to see if you can find Dan.

“I’m looking for Dan?” you ask a receptionist. She pulls up a phone and calls Dan. A minute later he arrives and she points at you.

“Hello sir, I’m Dan. Anything I can help you with?” he asks you and shakes your hand.

“Yes actually, I have a sister that is looking to try yoga. But she was wondering if you do house calls?”

“That depends, when would it be? And house calls are generally expensive.” He looks at you.

“I can pay for it, right now actually. She is hoping you could see her tomorrow morning,” you tell him.

Finally he agrees and you pay him, giving him your sister’s address. The last thing you hear is him telling a receptionist to call everyone and cancel tomorrow’s class.

That night Rachel leaves to meet up with some friends. It is hard, knowing your balls are full of cum that you just want to release.

A few hours go by and you hear the door open.

“Babe! I’m home!” Rachel calls out to you. As you enter the living room you see her hair is messed up and she looks tired.

“What happened to you?” you ask her as you take her coat.

“Well, tomorrow is just you and Paul. I found Dan at the Mall and he took me home. I am full of cum.”

You look at her in disbelief.