Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Jay...)

You jump in the ring and get some gloves. Before you finish putting them on, Rachel jumps at you and punches you in the face.

“Rachel!” you say. “I didn’t put the gloves on yet!”

“This isn’t just a sex fight, Ross!” she cries. “This is a sex FIGHT!” With that she jumps on you to try and take you to the ground. Your sister, while watching all of this, has stripped down to her bra and has begun masturbating.

You grab your girlfriend in mid-air, slam her on the mat, and hold your arm on her neck while you begin to lick her pussy. Rachel, after a slight orgasm, gets out of your choke/pussy lick hold and gets on top of you, facing your cock. You appear to be in the sixty-nine position.

“I’m gonna milk your balls dry baby!” she cries and goes down hard on your dick. “I’m winning this thing!”

You bury your head in her pussy and begin licking furiously. It’s a battle! While your girlfriend tries to make you cum, you try desperately to make her squirt. It’s a battle of wits! Who will win?!