Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PornAddict69x3...)

With Monica’s ass right in front of you, you rub the head of your dick on it to stay hard. When you remember you’re supposed to be a rapist, you say quietly, “Sorry,” (because you really do have a kind heart, although you are doing a bad job of showing it) and in one quick movement, you slam forwards, balls-deep into her sexy butthole.

“Ahhhhh!” Monica screams, although you can’t tell if it is a scream of terror or a scream of pleasure. “Don’t fucking stop,” she says. Okay. Pleasure. This is very good.

You pull back, nearly all the way out of her glorious backside, just to slam your hips forward again, going as far as physically possible yet again. Monica doesn’t scream this time — she just looks back at you smiling.

You grab her hair and pull it tight and you start fucking her sexy ass faster, harder, and better. You can see the pleasure growing in her face. Her eyes are producing tears, although she isn’t crying. It is evident she is enjoying this, and you are too.

As you continue to slam your manly pole deep inside of Monica’s bubble butt, you notice Rachel out of the corner of your eye, still masturbating at this. You can actually hear your girlfriend as she is pleasuring herself and moaning quite loudly.

You start to feel your own orgasm coming on, and at the same time, so does Monica. “Oh my god, Ross, I’m cumming,” she says, right as you give out and explode inside of her sexy ass.

“Wait, you know it is me?” you ask her.

“Yeah… Rachel told me to be here for this. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to get chased and raped in the woods. It has been her fantasy to watch. You just did it for both of us. Thanks!” Monica says before giving you a kiss on the cheek.