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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by The Nightman...)

You instruct your girlfriend to get on her hands and knees in front of you facing Amy so that she can lick your step-sister’s pussy as you fuck her from behind. Rachel looks as happy as can be as she gets into position and wiggles her gorgeous derriere in front of you, waiting to have it pounded.

You slide into her from behind and she’s so incredibly wet that her normally tight pussy glides you in with little to no resistance and your balls begin slapping against her as you thrust over and over.

Rachel is loudly licking and sucking your sister’s pussy as you hammer away. As you look up at Amy and her beautiful face contorted in the throes of a gushing orgasm you think back to all those times back at Uni when you would pump her velvet pussy all night long, even if you’d never it admit it to your girlfriend the sex itself, combined with the forbidden pleasure of it all, was the best you’d ever had.

Amy is now looking up at you to, her brilliant green eyes locked on yours and it’s as if you’re fucking her through Rachel, who has continued to suck and slurp your sister’s pussy while you continue to pound away at her. You and your sister can’t seem to break this eye contact and that’s okay because as you give everything you have to fucking your girlfriend all you can imagine is your cock being where its secretly wanted to be again since University.

Rachel has an intense grunting orgasm as you pound her mercilessly for a few more moments. Once you pull out of her she falls into a heap as she tries to collect herself after that mind shattering orgasm. You remain on your knees, your hard cock still jutting straight out looking swollen and angry and slick with Rachel’s juices. Your sister Amy is eyeing it hungrily and, without a word, she launches herself at you, wrapping her arms and legs around your torso. Her face nearly smashes into yours when she hits you and suddenly her lips are on yours and her tongue is dancing around in your mouth.

You reach a hand underneath to angle your cock upwards and she slides down so that that tip is pressing against her pussy. She pulls back a bit from the kiss so you can look into each other’s eyes as your cock finally, after all this time, is back inside the best pussy you ever felt.

You feel a primal and lustful urge as you begin to fuck your sister as hard as you can, still on your knees with her held against you her arms and legs wrapped around, helping her to meet your thrusts with all she has. You’re both growling and grunting as you just can’t seem to fuck her hard, fast or deep enough for either of you.

Your girlfriend is watching in awe as the two of you rut like wild beasts. It’s the most intense sex you’ve ever had. You register somewhere deep in your mind that you’re going to cum but it doesn’t matter as you let loose a torrent of hot sticky love inside her. You don’t even pause, you just keep thrusting and growling and grunting, she feels you cum and has her own whirlwind orgasm, but like you she doesn’t stop fucking.

Rachel is now also up on her knees and is next to the two of you. She has both of her index fingers in her mouth with a devilish look on her face. She moves almost like she’s trying hug you and your sister while you continue to fuck, when suddenly you feel an unfamiliar sensation — unfamiliar but pleasurable as your girlfriend has stuck her finger in your asshole! You can’t see it but judging by the positioning of her arm she has a finger jammed up your sister’s ass as well — in fact you can feel it through the thin skin between your sister’s pussy and asshole.

You and Amy seem to have the same idea as you each take a hand from around each other and she sticks her finger in Rachel’s asshole and you start rubbing her clit.

The three of you are one big writhing mass of humanity as you continue to fuck, finger, fondle and kiss each other until you all reach a big simultaneous orgasm that is more intense than anything any of you has ever experienced.

After its all over you and Rachel decide that your step-sister should move in. You get to have the most amazing sex of your life for the next few months until it all falls apart, but that’s a story for another day…

The End