Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You accidentally lose half your cereal on your spoon when you clumsily go to eat it. You make a look of disappointment, but keep on eating your cereal. One of the twins goes under the table to pick up your cereal.

After a minute, you wonder why she hasn’t come back up yet. Then, you feel it. Your shorts quietly get pulled down, and your dick is exposed. Your girlfriend notices out of the corner of her eye and does her best to keep the other twin in deep conversation.

The twin under the table, Riley, pulls your dick out and quietly strokes it, motioning for you to keep quiet. She then quietly pops your dick into her mouth and starts sucking.

It feels so good, but you do your best to keep from attracting attention. Riley is giving you a fantastic blowjob, second to only your girlfriend. She jerks you off while sucking on your tip, then takes your full length in while massaging your balls, then goes back to the tip. It doesn’t help that this is right next to Rachel and Zoey.

This continues for several minutes, until you feel your balls boil. You try to quietly reach down and signal that you’re about to burst, which in turn makes Riley squeeze your dick while sucking as hard as she can on your tip. This tips you over, and as she feels your cum in her mouth, she slams herself as far down onto you as she can go, sucking all of your cum. She holds it in her mouth until you’re done, shows you it in her mouth, and swallows it all. She makes sure your dick is clean before neatly tucking it back into your shorts.

She then goes to pick up the spilled cereal.