Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“Pool strip-tag. There’s two ways we can do this. We can do this regularly or aggressively,” you begin.

“It sounds awesome either way, keep going…” Jamie says.

“The regular way will go as such. It’s tag. We must stay in the pool. One of us will randomly start as ‘it,’ while the others try to not get tagged, like normal tag in the pool. When someone gets tagged, they must strip down one piece of clothing before going around tagging people. Yea, I know we’re already in small amounts of clothes, but that’s the whole point.”

“Okay. What’s aggressive?” Jamie asks.

“Same as the first one, however, instead of regularly tagging, and having the tagged strip, in order to tag you must remove one article of clothing from the person yourself.”

“I like that. But what if we run out of clothes?”

“Well, I guess at that point, we resume normal tag and start trying to fuck the girls.” you say quietly. “We can’t start trying to fuck them until everyone has their clothes off, though.”

“Sounds perfect, mate, let’s start,” Jamie says.

You both head on over to the girls end of the pool. “So I say it’s time we play a game. What do you say?” you ask the girls.

“Yea!” reply the girls in unison.

“Alright. The game that we’ve played here before is a bit of a risky one, however, that’s what makes it fun,” you begin.

“What is it?” Riley asks.

“Pool strip-tag.”

The girls gasp. “Count us in!” Riley says. Zoey doesn’t look as certain, however, they both become eager while you explain the rules and how the game works.

“You said regular, so what’s the not regular version?” Zoey asks.

You explain the aggressive version, however you label it the risky version. When you’re done explaining, you then ask, “so, what do we all want to do?”