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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Just Me...)

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom?” you ask, ignoring how Jamie is ogling at Rachel’s naked body.

“Heck, yeah,” he whispers, following you and your girlfriend upstairs.

“Now, Ross,” Rachel pushes you in a chair, winking flirtatiously. “We have to tie you up.” She and Jamie pick up some of her silk scarves and tie you to the chair.

“Wait!” you object quickly. “Do I have to be tied up?”

Jamie laughs. “Sorry, bro.” Then he strips down. You feel a bite of jealousy as you notice Rachel eyeing his cock.

You watch as they both move to the bed, where Rachel lies down. Jamie crouches down face-to-face with her dripping pussy.

“Ooh, Jamie,” Rachel giggles. You keep yourself calm, remembering that you were the one who agreed to this. And maybe it won’t be so bad.

Jamie’s tongue digs into your girlfriend’s pussy, making her squirm and moan lightly. He carefully pulls his tongue in and out of her, and you feel like you have to stop this, since it hurts to see someone else pleasuring her.