Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“I’ll go!” Jamie says.

“Okay, stand in the center and count down from three,” you say.

“Here we go! Three, two, one!” he says as he stands in the center.

Everyone starts bolting around the pool. Jamie immediately tags Rachel, who removes her bra. She tosses her bra and hits you, tagging you. You slowly slide your trunks off and place them on the side of the pool. You start trying to tag people. You also try to keep your dick from getting hard right away, but having it all out in front of three girls gets it hard quickly.

You end up tagging Zoey, who removes her bikini bottoms, surprising for her. That shaved pussy looks perfect. She goes and tags Jamie, so he loses his shorts as well. He tags Rachel again. She removes her panties while giving you a mad look. She angrily tags you after chasing you for a while.

You decide to give Zoey a feel for what her choice meant by removing her bottoms. You chase her around the pool, and get very close behind her, somehow not touching her. You reach down and angle your dick up, sliding up into her pussy from behind before she swims away, which then slides you back out. However, you technically tagged her. (You also technically just fucked her.) She felt your cock slide in and out of her but decided not to say anything about it. She swims over to Riley, tagging her.

Riley removes her bra before tagging Jamie. He chases Riley around the pool before tagging her back. She slides her bikini bottoms off, before chasing the sole remaining person, Zoey. She fiercely chases her around the pool before trapping her into a corner, successfully ending the game with a tag.

“Do I even have to remove my bra? Technically it’s game already,” Zoey asks.

“Rules stated once tagged you just strip. So yeah,” you reply.

Zoey regretfully pulls her bra off before tossing it onto the poolside.

“What did everyone think?” you ask.