Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“That was fun, but I’d feel comfortable if we stayed with the regular version,” Zoey states.

“I wanted to try being risky, but if you’re not comfortable with it, that’s fine by me,” Riley says.

“Alright then, and since you guys started before, I’m going to take it this time,” Rachel says.

“Sounds fair. Let’s put our clothes on first, though,” suggests Jamie.

You are quick to find your swimming trunks, however they’re a little hard to put on as your cock is hard and your trunks are wet. Part of your cock sticks out of the button-up opening. Everyone is ready after a few minutes.

“Here we go. 3… 2… 1… go!” Rachel exclaims. She does her best to chase you, however ends up tagging Zoey first. Zoey removes her bra this time, learning her lesson, and tosses it onto the poolside. She chases Riley and successfully tags her. Riley slides her bottoms off, and lets them float around in the pool. They never hid much, anyway.

Riley chases Jamie, and after a few minutes ends up tagging him. He slides his trunks off and tosses them off into the backyard. He chases Riley for revenge, and it is a fierce chase. After a minute or two he reaches out to tag her, however, his hand gets caught into the strings of her bra, undoing it and ultimately taking her bra off. She stops and demands for the game to pause.

She angrily states, “As much as I wanted risk, this was supposed to be the regular version! I want him to put my bra back on and return to being it.”

“Alright, alright, it was my bad,” he says as he swipes her bra out of the water.

She stands facing away from him. He swims over and stands as close as he can behind her. With one hand, he’s starting to put her bra back on, but with the other, he’s angling his cock upwards.

In a swift movement, he plunges completely inside of her pussy, which urges a small moan out of her. The other girls are completely oblivious to this as they focus on how he’s tying her bra back on.

When it’s tied back on, Jamie slides his cock out of her pussy and returns to being it. He instead chases your girlfriend, and after a minute tags her. She removes her panties, revealing her shaved pussy for the second time today. She chases you down and tags you without much of a chase. You slowly slide your trunks off and toss them away, your hard cock free again.

You begin to chase her back for revenge. The chase doesn’t last long as she’s facing away from you in a corner. She doesn’t know what to do. You use this to your advantage as you guide your cock straight into her pussy, and you hug her from behind, whispering, “you’re it.”

You quickly slide back out and swim away as fast as you can. When you turn around and look back, her bra is nowhere to be seen and she’s hunting Riley down. Before too long, Riley gets tagged, and she throws her bra at Jamie, hitting him square in the face.

She chases her twin down and tags her. “Again? Do I have to remove my bottoms?” Zoey asks.