Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by StrawHat...)

The both of you look at the list of possibilities of things that could happen to your girlfriend. She could be gangbanged, fucked in the ass, and even dp’d in both holes.

After taking a while to decide, you both choose to do the “Basic” option since it is your first time being here.

You tell Alice of your decision and she leads you to the changing room and gives Rachel a robe before leaving her to change.

You watch as Rachel strips down to her birthday suit. Her pussy is still slightly dripping cum from the cab driver. She puts on the robe with nothing underneath and the both of you head out.

Alice leads you to a room labeled 8=D. She opens it and leads you both in. The room is made to look like a living room, with a large couch at the center of it. All around it, there are ten men, each with a different build.

They all look ready, as none of them were wearing any clothes.

“I will leave you now. I hope you all enjoy the experience,” Alice says as she closes the door and leaves.

You both turn back towards the group of men but before you could act, some come over and grab Rachel and drag her towards the couch.

All ten of them surround her, eager to satisfy their sexual needs by using her. They are getting ready to have their way with her.