Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by BillyNotReally...)

After you finish inside of Rachel, she perks up and her eyes shoot open with new inspiration. You glance at her with an uncertain expression and ask, “What’s that look for?”

“You’re not going to rape my sister,” she says excitedly. “You’re going to rape yours.”

You’re shocked by the words that just came out of Rachel’s mouth. “Amy? Are you fucking kidding me?” you ask. “That’s insane.”

She just shrugs. “If you don’t do it, we’re through. End of conversation.” She rolls over, pulls the covers up, and closes her eyes.

You have no choice. “Okay, okay. I’ll do it. What’s the plan?”

A few days of plotting and scheming pass, and by the following weekend, you and Rachel have what seems like a bulletproof plan. It goes like this: you sneak into your step-sister’s apartment when she’s sleeping and rape her in her own bed. Meanwhile, you record the whole thing on a Go-Pro, so Rachel can get off to it later. After you’re done, you leave the apartment and Rachel picks you up. Easy.

The day finally approaches, and you’ve got your mask and your camera ready. You and Rachel drive over to your step-sister’s apartment late at night, and Rachel wishes you luck. The night air is cool and breezy, but you barely notice on account of the anxiety you’re feeling. You sneak around to the back of the complex and climb the rain pipes up to Amy’s room. Luckily, her lights are off and when you look through the window, you notice that it’s been left open a crack. Past the window is your sister’s bedroom, and you spot her sleeping soundly in her bed.

You slowly and carefully remove the screen and slide open the window. Sweat drips from your face and into your mask, which is getting very uncomfortable at this point. You make it through the window, seemingly successfully too, as there is no sign of movement from within the bedroom. You close the window, shut the blinds, and then approach the bed. Your sister’s chest gently rises and falls — the mark of a peaceful slumber. You’re about to interrupt that.

You remove your pants and hit record on the camera that is mounted on your head. You slowly pull the covers off your sister, revealing her bare skin and beige panties. She’s not wearing a bra, so you get an eyeful of her breasts for the first time since that awkward shower incident back in high school. You know in your head that everything you are about to do is wrong on every level, but your cock still springs to life.

After flicking on the bedroom light and taking a moment to appreciate Amy’s beautiful body, you commence the evil act. You start by using the scissors you brought with you to cut away her panties. She stirs and brings her arm up to block the light. Next, you jump onto the bed and straddle her now fully nude body. This wakes her up and her eyes shoot open when she realizes what’s going on. In one smooth motion, you place your left hand over her mouth and press the scissors against her throat with your right hand. Surprisingly, her muffled protests turn you on even more.

You figure it does you no good to beat around the bush, so you attempt to line your dick up with Amy’s taboo pussy, which turns out to be more difficult when she’s squirming violently and both of your hands are occupied. Finally, you get the tip inside just a bit, and at the same time you press the cold scissors harder against her skin, which causes her to lessen her resistance.

You waste no time as you force your cock inside of your sister’s pussy. She’s understandable pretty dry and very tight, but you thrust all the way in anyway. You can’t lie to yourself, she feels really goddamn good. You pull out and then thrust inside of her again, slowly developing a rhythm. After a while, her juices begin to flow, which increases your pleasure exponentially, even though you know it’s a purely biological reaction on her end and she almost certainly doesn’t “want it.”

Still, even just knowing that your sister’s cunt is getting wet for her own brother drives you wild. You know you won’t last long. You increase your pace and decide to mix things up a little. You remove your hand from her mouth, but before she can scream, you place your lips against hers. You revel in the sensation of swapping saliva with your own family. You explore her sweet mouth with your tongue, even forcing it as far into her throat as you can reach. You have to admit she tastes good. In fact, the sensation is so strong that you suddenly feel compelled to climax.

You moan into your sister’s mouth as you aggressively slam your cock into her tight pussy one last time and hold it there. You unleash a torrent of hot jizz inside of her, coating her cervix with spurt after spurt of your seed. You pull out of her and watch your cum drip from her snatch, as she quakes beneath you in utter terror. She’s sobbing now.

Realizing that you should probably leave, you hastily climb off Amy and move toward the window. Forgetting your pants, you begin to climb outside. As you shuffle down the rain pipe, however, it breaks and you fall two stories to the ground, breaking your dick on the pavement.

The cops find you there twenty minutes later, writhing in a pool of blood, sweat, and semen. They lock you up along with your girlfriend]{r2:wife, who they found waiting outside the complex, furiously masturbating in her car to child porn. Because of what you did to her, your sister is never again herself, and takes her own life when she is just 28.

Don’t be a rapist.

The End