Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

“Ever since I developed into this sexy ass body it’s been my fantasy to struggle against a gang of big-dicked, horny strangers, trying to rape me!” Rachel exclaims.

“Is that so?” you reply, imagining your beautiful, young girlfriend being forcefully violated by a pack of massive brutes. Your cock begins to swell just thinking about it. “I bet we could make this happen for you rather easy.”

Your lady is so incredibly hot, she has a perfect, tight, young body. Everywhere she goes men and woman alike do double-takes. Rachel usually dresses extremely prudish just to hide her overly sexy body, with hoodies and sunglasses to hide her goddess-like face. You know if she were to dress really slutty and walk around the wrong place at the right time most any man would try to rape her. She’s just that damn good looking.

You do some quick research online. You found a park surrounded by factories that’s actually only a few blocks away. It is reported to be very dangerous, with high gang activity and a big population of homeless men. “Hey babe, how about this?” You show her the area and tell her how bad it is. “I bet if you walked around this area in a revealing outfit at least a few men would try to fuck you.”

“Hobos? Gangbangers? Disgusting! I’m getting so wet just thinking about it!” she stammers.

“Awesome” you reply. “Give me a day and you will have your fun. I just need some time to set up cameras all throughout the area so you I can record your brutal violation.”

You also take the time to buy a few drones and talk to her best friend Monica about it. You know Rachel tells Monica everything.

Monica reassures you that Rachel is madly in love with you. Also that your girlfriend masturbates almost consistently while imagining being overwhelmed by a bunch of strangers. It takes no convincing to get Monica to drive the other drone after you tell her your plan.

She arrives at your place at noon the next day, and Rachel greets her at the door. “What are you doing here, Monica?” she asks with a stupid grin plastered on her beautiful face.

“It’s time to fulfill that perverted fantasy of yours,” Monica replies.

Rachel turns ghost white for a moment before she clenches her thighs together to stop her excitement from running down her legs.

You chose the perfect outfit for her. You picked a short sleeved, crop top, pink hoodie that will just barely wrap around her large breasts, leaving tones of cleavage and her perfect stomach exposed. You paired it with a really short tennis skirt of the same color and fabric. You gave her a pair of crotchless panties that are essentially just a thong with no fabric covering her pussy or ass. White socks, pink tennis shoes and a thin white choker with a built in micro camera complete her outfit.

“Time for your afternoon jog, my love” you say to Rachel as you point to the outfit.

“Right now? It’s high noon, the area will be packed with people,” she proclaims with a hint of fear in her voice. You shoot her a stern glare and nod again at her clothes.

After a few minutes in the bathroom, Rachel comes out with her long hair done into a single tight braid. Her face is flushed red as she asks you and Monica how she looks.

You look to your monitors showing the thirty or so cameras you set up. You and Monica set off your drones. You give Rachel an ear piece before shoving her out the back door.

“Open the back gate and head down the alleyway two blocks, then turn left,” you tell her through the headset while following overhead with the drones.

Rachel saunters out of the alleyway out into the midday sun. The park is directly across the street.To her left is the underpass where all the bums hang out. On her right is an abandoned factory.

A blacked out window serves as a mirror. Rachel gets wet just looking at herself. Her overly-sensitive nipples are sticking out like thimbles from the thin cloth of the hoodie. You watch as she lifts her skirt and briefly masturbates to her sexy reflection.

You do not tell her which way to go as you see several groups of men loitering in any direction she may choose. “Start walking and try to look lost and scared.” This is not a problem for Rachel as she is actually visibly shaking from fear and arousal.