Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pervy Vicky...)

You look in the drawer and find a transparent pink Fleshlight. You usually don’t use that drawer so for a moment are curious how long it has been there; but for the moment, trying to stay in the role, you feign innocence about what it is.

You grab the Fleshlight and hand it to her. “What is this, mommy?”

Rachel gives you a comforting smile and replies, “It’s a special grown-up’s toy darling. Mommy wants to give you a treat, so why don’t you undress for mommy and let me tell you how it’s used?”

You comply, and undress in front of her as she sits on the edge of the bed, touching her clit and massaging her tits.

“Come sit in mommy’s lap sweetie, my cute little son… I have been taking some pills and they should make my milk even more special just for my special boy.”

You read in-between the lines, and understand she has been talking pills to make her body lactate…

You obey, and the minute you sit down she turns you to the side, placing your head right by her left breast. She did this with relative ease; she always has been larger than you, making you feel all the more powerless against her.

Before you can even talk you feel a cold gel covering your crotch as Rachel uses lube she pulled out while you weren’t looking.


“Shhhhhh… It’s okay, Ross, mommy is here.”

Your mouth is suddenly filled by her nipple. As she massages your cock and you start to get an erection, you can feel the milk flowing into your mouth.

Rachel puts the Fleshlight on your dick and starts stroking slowly, patiently, waiting for you to get to your full girth.

You can’t help but act on instinct and use one hand to hold on to her and the other to massage her other tit, making her moan in pleasure. “Such a hungry boy,” she says, quickening her strokes.

You can’t help but feel relaxed, protected, safe…

You close your eyes as the milk enters your mouth and your hips involuntary start humping the Fleshlight and your girlfriend’s hand.

Rachel strokes your hair and between the few moans you get out of her you can hear, “Oh, Ross, Ross, Ross, you’re such a Mama’s boy. I love it.”

While you start to lose yourself in her warmth she continues, “We could do this more often… I could be your mommy forever. I don’t mind it at all if you want to call me mommy from now own and act like a spoiled child when we are alone…”

You had no idea she wanted this so bad, but you can feel she means everything she is saying… And you are not against it completely… This way she is treating you… The taste of her milk… That condescending yet caring tone of voice…

“Cum for mommy, baby.”

You can’t hold back and squeeze her breast into your mouth as ropes of fun start filling up the Fleshlight. You can hear a giggle from your girlfriend.

“Good boy.”

You take a moment to catch your breath, but it isn’t long before she pulls you into bed and underneath the covers.

“You can sleep with mommy tonight.”

With your mind still fogged by the pleasure you reply, “Thank you Mom…” as you hold on to her and drift into sleep.