Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Newstorywriter...)

“I want to be trapped in a window and used from both ends!” Rachel finally exclaims.

“What?” you ask her, stunned.

“Ross, I have always wanted to be used by complete strangers, and this is my chance! You could fuck me while I suck dick after dick out the window, or I could suck yours while I’m pounded in my ass by people outside. All the while, I won’t be able to move because of the window on top of me. You could watch them through the window or lower the blinds so not even you know who is taking me. You could leave me there all night while passersby ravage me, knowing I can’t do anything about it. You could blindfold me, gag me, sell my body, do anything you want. Tell people through a posted sign outside that they should call their friends to join in. I feel like being fucked by a village right now!”

You’re shocked at Rachel’s forwardness, but her idea could work. It is warm outside and one of your windows faces an alley. Police wouldn’t bother you, but a lot of neighborrs would be interested in your hot girlfriend. Rachel’s tits and ass are each too big to go through the window on either side once the window is down, and she would be stuck exactly as she would want to be. You could even drive out with your car somewhere to a bad part of town (with Rachel’s consent, of course.) Your car windows are tinted so no one could see inside.

“What do you think, Ross?” Rachel’s eyes look up at yours with a nervously hopeful expression.