Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“How about we got into a game of Truth or Dare, and just got riskier with each round?” you suggest.

“I like it,” Jamie says.

You call the girls over. “How about we get to know each other a little better… how about a few rounds of Truth or Dare?” you suggest.

Everyone agrees, and Rachel decides to go first since the girls have the guys outnumbered.

“So… Jamie, truth or dare?” she asks.

“Hmm… I’ll take a dare,” he replies.

“I dare you to do a backflip into the pool!” Rachel demands.

He climbs up, prepares himself, and performs a pretty impressive backflip into the pool with a loud splash.

“Alright, so my turn, eh?” Jamie states. “Riley! I pick you. Truth or dare?”

“I definitely want a dare,” she says.

“I dare you to swim a lap in this pool underwater, no surfacing!” he says.

“Alright, here I go!” Riley replies, taking a deep breath and disappearing (sort of) under the water. She makes her way around the pool, and as she’s passing Jamie, she reaches over and squeezes his cock, hardened in his shorts. This isn’t seen by the girls as the water obstructs their view, but by his reaction you can tell she gave him a hand. Shortly after she reappears where she disappeared earlier.

“My turn, isn’t it? Ross! You’re up. Truth or dare?” she asks.

“Send me that dare!” you reply with confidence.

“Show us you love Rachel. Make out with her for at least a minute,” she demands.

“Not too difficult…” you think as you swim over to your girlfriend. You reach around her, caressing her, while you press your mouths together and intertwine your tongues. You stay in this heated make-out session for about three minutes before you decide it’s time to move on with the game.

“That was spicy!” Riley exclaims.

“Next up! Zoey. Truth or dare?” you ask.

“Um… I’ll go for a truth.” she says.

“Answer me… you seem to be on edge, nervous, unsure of what you want to do. Insecure, even. Why is that?” you ask.

You wait a moment before Zoey responds. “I’m not that comfortable, really… I’m enjoying myself, but I’m just not comfortable yet. I’ll need time for that… um… yea…” comes the answer.

“Fair enough, your turn!” you reply.

“Riley! Truth or dare?” she asks.

“Come on sis, dare!” comes the reply.

“Okay… um… run a full lap around the pool, ending with a cool spin back into the pool!” she dares.

You all watch as Riley climbs up out of the pool. Her shaved pussy is clearly on display now, and her small tits are clear as day under that top. She starts to sprint around the pool, much to your surprise. As she goes into the final corner, she slips, losing her balance, and slides into the deck railing. Her bra string gets caught on it, unknown to her, and is quickly untied. She continues to run, her bra quickly coming loose, before spinning as she lands back in the pool. Her spin caused her bra to be launched up onto the deck, under the table. She resurfaces, and when she realizes she lost her bra she puts her arm up and covers herself.

“My bra!” she exclaims. “I guess it’s my turn… Jamie! Truth or dare?”

He picks truth, which only upsets her as she was hoping he would pick dare.

“Okay… what is your size?” she asks, not specifying.

Your best friend, not using his brain, quickly blurts out, “Seven inches!”

The girls quickly seem to change their mood towards him.

“Alright, my turn! Riley, truth or dare?” he asks.

“I will keep riding this dare train!” she replies.