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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“It has to be ass out,” you decide. “I’ll also want to see who’s fucking you so we’ll leave the blind up.”

Rachel squeals with glee at your decision. She immediately starts fussing over the bedroom window that faces the alley. She removes the plants she usually keeps there and places a cushion down.

“It’ll need to be comfortable if I’m going to be there all night,” she says. “And you better make that sign. Some men are too polite. I want everyone that passes to give me a go.”

As your girlfriend strips you write out the sign. You finish quickly and bring it to show her.

“This is my girlfriend Rachel,” she reads aloud. “Please fuck and abuse her however you want. Don’t forget to phone your friends. She’ll be here all night.”

She kisses you deeply in thanks. You can’t help but start groping her at the thought of her being fucked in the alley by strange men. Resisting the urge to bang her there and then you step back.

“You ready my little slut?” you ask.

“Definitely” she sighs, aroused from your touch. “You go put the sign up and I’ll get in position.”

You quickly head outside to the alley. When you get there Rachel has already half climbed out. The window is low enough that she can place her feet flat on the ground. Her cunt and ass are invitingly exposed to the night air. You place the sign next to her and smack her ass a few times. She grins back at you wickedly.

You pull the window down onto her back so that she is trapped there. As you exit the alley you catch a glimpse of three men turning into it. A good start.

Back inside you can already hear her moaning. Not wanting to rush you grab a beer and head through to the bedroom, rubbing your hard cock through your jeans.

When you arrive you can see the three guys crowding round your girlfriend in the alley. One man is thrusting hard into her as another rubs is hard cock, waiting his turn. The third is typing something on his phone. Texting his friends, you hope.

“Is he in your cunt or ass you little whore?” you ask Rachel as you pull out your dick.

“Ass,” she grunts just before you stuff your dick in her mouth without ceremony.

You match the stranger’s fast rhythm and pound into your girlfriend’s throat. She gags a little but she’s used to this treatment. You idly play with her tits as you watch her getting ravaged in the street.

Soon the guy picks up the pace even further and starts cumming inside Rachel. She makes satisfied sounds, clearly enjoying the sensation of being filled with a stranger’s cum.

As the second guy steps up for his turn he gives you a thumbs up and starts fucking her hard immediately.

“Cunt this time,” Rachel mumbles around your hard shaft.

As you keep fucking her mouth you catch snatches of the young men’s conversation. You can’t quite make it out but you hear the words ‘Facebook group.’

Quickly, you pull out your phone. A quick search and you find the group. It’s titled ‘free sex party tonight!’ The cover photo is clearly the alley view of your girlfriend. The camera hasn’t captured the inside so all that’s visible is Rachel’s naked arse and cunt next to the sign.

You flip the phone round to show Rachel, who stops sucking you in surprise. As she takes it in you hear a car or van pull up outside.

“Look how many invites,” she moans between thrusts of the stranger’s cock in her hole. “I hope they all come.”

Before looking back at your phone you are distracted by the scene out of the window. It must have been a van or something because there are now ten young men surrounding your girlfriend. Meanwhile she has taken your dick back in your mouth to suck it hungrily again.

Glancing down you can’t help but be a little shocked. “Two hundred,” you say. “That’s so many. You are such a whore.”

She looks up at you and nods. “Only twenty marked ‘going’ so far though.” She sounds disappointed.

You contemplate this as another load of cum is deposited in your fuckslut girlfriend. The next guy slides his dick in and you know that twenty won’t be enough to satisfy her. There’s around half that there already. On the other hand what if all two hundred show up? Can Rachel take that much cock?

You notice that the group is open. You wonder if you should invite a few mates to shore up the numbers. Maybe they could join you inside and enjoy her mouth and tits. Maybe you could just hit ‘share’ to save time. Though that would let everyone know, even Rachel’s family. Of course, you could just wait and see how the evening unfolds.

Your thumb hovers over your phone as you thrust hard into your little slut’s throat, making her gag a little. The choice is yours.