Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pervy Vicky...)

The man tells your beautiful girlfriend that she can stop massaging his cock and she goes back to her conversation, still tweaking one of her nipples with her left hand. You pull out your smartphone and start recording while discreetly rubbing your cock through your pants. It’s easy to not be noticed as you can see there’s at least four other party guests doing the same.

“Where was I?” Rachel continues. “Ah yes, so that’s what I work at. Not really anything exciting.”

The woman she is chatting with is clearly holding back her laughter. “I see! Hey, tell me more about your work while you rub your tits on my face.”

While the crowd snickers you watch your girlfriend talk about her routine as this woman motorboats her breasts, and you record how one of the men approaches and cops a feel of her ass. You made her unable to react to any indecency done to her, so it’s no surprise she continues talking between moans as the stranger fingers her.

This will surely escalate into an orgy and some guests take their leave, the remainder entranced by Rachel’s perfect milky body.

The men of the party start pulling their cocks out and you join them as some of the girls step away from the spotlight to touch themselves, aroused by the idea of this idiot woman about to be ravished by a crowd of men.

Rachel finishes explaining and the woman stops rubbing her face against her. A blond man shouts, “Hey girl! Sit down here, you’re gonna feel a real cock now!”

She walks towards him and you stand in the front of the crowd as, with a plain expression, she begins to lower herself down this man’s shaft.

Two men out their stiff cocks inches away from each of your girlfriend’s shoulders waiting for her to take initiative but are only met with a dead stare. They realize they have to actually give her orders to get her to do anything.

“Yo, bitch! Start working our cocks like a good slut now.”

And again with the completely expressionless look she puts her delicate hands around the men’s dicks, occasionally giving them a kiss on the tip. She continues the conversation with the girl of before, her lips smeared with seminal fluid. Between moans she does her best to keep chatting with the members of the party, who are amazed at how brain-dead your girlfriend seems to be.

You make a half-hearted attempt to stop this, approaching Rachel as if you were just another person at the party. On the third round of people gangbanging her you manage to sneak in and get some of the action fucking her standing up as another man fucks her ass. You whisper into her ear, “Rachel, we should leave now.” You fail to realize that wasn’t an order.

“Do I know you?” is the only reply you get as her tight pussy and disgusted expression force you to fill her pussy with all you have got.

You are swiftly pushed aside so another person can have her turn using Rachel as a cocksleeve, abusing her, cumming inside her multiple times and covering her body in cum.. Not to mention someone had the bright idea to bring a marker to further humiliate her for being a slut. Her delicate porcelain skin is now covered in tally marks counting how many men she has made cum, and words like “brainless bitch,” “cumslut,” “free whore,” and “will obey anything,” decorate various parts of her body.

The party goes on and you record all the things done to your girlfriend. You manage to get s few rounds with her but nowhere as many as with the other guests.

Everyone but you and your girlfriend gets progressively drunker as night goes on and you wonder how to proceed as Rachel is suspended in the air impaled by two cocks spit-roasting her while she jacks off another two men.