Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tricky Dick...)

Having her deepest sexual fantasy fulfilled, Rachel lets the lust fully take her, as she begins sucking your cock like she needs it to breathe.

She grabs your hands and places them firmly on the back of her head, implying that she wants you to fuck her throat. You happily oblige, looking down at her piss-covered face as you push yourself deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her throat relaxes to the point where her nose is bumping into your pelvis, when she briefly comes back up for air.

“Ohhh fuck… thank you Daddy… make me your filthy piss slut, Daddy”, she says in between bouts of taking your cock down her throat. You feel her hands grip your ass to pull you into her mouth harder. After a while, one of her delicate little fingers finds its way to your asshole. You jolt at the feeling, but she can tell you want it. “Please, Ross, let me taste your delicious ass. I want to be a disgusting little whore for you.”

You lie back on the grass and kick one of your legs over a lawn chair, which is all the permission she needs. Rachel dives into your ass with her tongue, savoring every second of it, all the while looking up at you with those beautiful eyes. You never imagined when you first met in high school that you’d eventually see her, covered in your piss, tongue-fucking your ass, but it seems tonight is full of surprises.

The depravity of it all is clearly turning her on, and you can see she’s started fingering herself, while jerking you off. The vibration of her moans are driving you crazy as she tries desperately to push her tongue deeper and deeper into your ass.

You say, “I think I’m going to cum”, and Rachel immediately moves her mouth from your ass to your cock, taking it down her throat a few times before jerking you off, and saying, “Thank you for showing me what a dirty slut I am, Ross. I don’t think I can ever go back. From now on you’re going to wake up to my tongue in your tight ass every morning. Any time you need to piss, I want it in my mouth. I don’t care when, I don’t care who sees. I want you want to piss on me and fuck my ass in front of my parents. I want to go to work with your cum on my face. I want to watch you fuck my best friend Monica senseless and lick your juices off the floor. My body is your toy. Now please, Ross, spit on my face and cum down my slutty little throat.” She then continues trying to swallow your cock.

As you feel yourself about to cum, you look down at your girlfriend’s beautiful, young, piss-covered face. Her eyes, though running with tears, look so content having finally been put in her place. Just as you’re about to cum down her throat, you hear a car door slam shut, and a voice from behind you.

“I can’t believe this!” the voice shouts. A cold chill runs down your spine, then you spin around to see who it is.