Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tricky Dick...)

You turn around to see that your step-sister Amy has opened the gate to your back yard and is now standing there with her mouth agape, staring at you and Rachel in shock.

You stand completely frozen, unsure what to do. You can’t get a read on Amy’s body language, but you sure do enjoy the view. She’s clearly just gotten back from some sort of exercise class, as she’s in a tight neon pink tank top and black booty shorts that hug her ass so tight you can see her mound as clear as day. Her forehead is still glistening with little beads of sweat from her workout, which brings you back to the last time you saw her sweaty…

You were 19 and it was her 18th birthday. Your family went out to dinner to celebrate, and you drove her back to her dorm a bit outside of town. It seemed like a normal night until she started sucking your cock as you merged on to the highway. You didn’t protest much when it started, and by the time you pulled up to her dorm, you were certainly on board. You went up to her dorm and fucked her until her roommate came home and told you guys to finish.

She asked you to do something that night, that initially put you off. Can’t remember what. What you can remember, is the way her sexy teen face looked, flushed with sweat and covered in cum…

You snap out of the flashback to hear Amy yelling again. “What the fuck, Ross? How could you?!”

“Well… uhh… what do you mean?” you stammer, not sure what to respond.

“On my 18th birthday, I told you that all I really wanted was for you to piss on me, and you told me no!” says your step-sister.

Relief washes across your body, as you realize you’re not really in trouble, and if you are, it’s the fun kind of trouble.

Just as you’re about to make a tongue in cheek kind of apology, Rachel’s friend Monica steps out from behind her. You remember now that they’d mentioned they were going to be taking a kickboxing class together, and you guess they decided to surprise you and Rachel on the way home. “Yeah Ross, that’s pretty shitty of you. And to think, you wouldn’t piss on your own sister. You’re never supposed to turn down family. I think you need to make it up to her”, Monica says, biting her lip.

Monica is a little shorter than the other two girls. Pretty tan for a white chick, and with huge tits, and a thick ass. You haven’t gotten a chance to fuck her yet, but she did make a move on you once in a movie during a double date…

Out of nowhere when Rachel and Monica’s boyfriend Kyle weren’t looking, she put her fingers in your mouth, and you could taste her pussy juices. She’d been fingering herself right next to you the whole time! Shortly after Kyle had to take a phone call, Rachel excused herself to go to the restroom and that’s when Monica furiously unbuckled your belt and took your cock all the way down her throat in an instant. You were stunned, and didn’t know what to do, so she grabbed your hand and shoved it down the back of her pants to start fingering her ass. With her going at your cock like an animal, you came pretty quick.

She didn’t swallow though. Instead, she spat the cum into the slurpee that she’d been sharing with Kyle, and mixed it around a bit. She’s always been a bit of a freak.

After Rachel and Kyle came back, you both acted like nothing ever happened, and hadn’t talked about it since…

Back in present day, Monica walks up to you with Amy and shoves her down to her knees in front of you. Monica then looks up to you and says through gritted teeth in the sexiest voice you’ve heard her use, “Make it up to her, Ross. Piss on your little sister’s whore face and make it up to her.”

How can you say no to that?

You let go and a steam of piss lands on Amy’s sweaty teen face. She opens her mouth to swallow some as she fingers her pussy under her booty shorts.

As you savor the moment, Monica grabs your face and shoves her tongue in your mouth, as if the surface of your tongue was the cure to cancer. You open one eye and see that Rachel has started making out with your step-sister, swapping your piss back and forth as even more falls on their faces.

When you’re all spent, Monica says, “aw no more for me?” Rachel, whose mouth is closed, still full of your pee, beckons her over. Monica gets to her knees and opens her mouth, and Amy kisses the piss over into her wanting mouth.

Monica swallows it all, and with a smile says, “the piss tasted good, but now” — she pulls her tight tank top and bra over her head to reveal her big bouncy tits — “now I want to drink his cum.”