Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Diesel...)

Well, your girlfriend has never been one to waste cum, so in no time at all she is licking up Monica’s ass crack and slurping the cum from her asshole. A little tongue-fuck has both girls squirming again in no time.

Lurking off in the shadows, you watch the action develop. You knew they weren’t done, and you were right. You feel your cock stiffening again as it strains against your pants. You unzip and let it spring out, free again. Might as well enjoy the show!

Rachel has her face buried in Monica’s ass now, her tongue working overtime. Rachel is frantically working her twat into a frenzy and starting to moan. Her friend grabs her head and holds her smashed against her ass before pushing her off. Rachel looks up at her, confused.

“My turn,” Monica smiles. She leans Rachel back and spreads her legs, licking the juices up her thighs before settling in to a steady rhythm on her clit. She flicks her tongue like a woman obsessed and it takes no time at all for Rachel to start cumming. Her juices glisten and flow down her legs as Monica’s face is smeared.

You are cranking your shaft hard now, enjoying the beautiful sight in front of you. The cum starts to boil up in your balls and you explode huge gobs of sticky milk all over your hand and the tree you are hiding behind. You shake off your hand and most of the goo drips off. Wiping the rest on your shirt, you finally slink off into the night, feeling like a dirty degenerate — and loving it.