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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“We’ll take the breeding party,” Rachel tells the hostess.

You give your girlfriend a surprised look. “Honey, you know that not only does that mean every guy you fuck tonight cums in your pussy, but they take cum that spills out, keep it in a jug until the end, then pour it into your pussy with a funnel while you’re mostly upside-down to help ensure pregnancy?”

“Yes, and they also offer fertilization drugs that increase your chances as well,” Rachel says with a smile, “and offer you a complementary second session if you don’t get pregnant. You didn’t seem to mind the idea when that cab driver was cumming in my unprotected pussy earlier.”

You smile back at your girlfriend, imagining her taking such a risk of getting pregnant. ‘Damn, she’s right,’ you think to yourself, ‘I’m hard as hell thinking about her getting gang-banged bareback, and filled with cum like that.’

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure. Let’s go, I can’t wait to watch you do this,” you tell her. Rachel checks the box for breeding party, with fertility drugs, and hands the selection card to the hostess.

“Sir, Ma’am, you forgot to mark down the number of men you wanted for your event,” the hostess tells you.



You and your girlfriend blurt out at the same time.

“30?” Rachel looks at you incredulously.

“Hey, if we’re doing it like this, let’s do it big or go home,” you say with a smirk.

Oh, you want it big?“ Rachel replies. ”Okay, and while we’re on the subject of big, I want all of them to have huge cocks. Oh, and an interracial selection please. I want to watch Ross squirm a bit while he watches this.“

Your heart skips a beat when you hear your girlfriend say that.

The hostess smiles and says, “Right this way, if you’ll both follow me to your room.”

As you enter your room, you see a bed, table, and couch on one side, all of which have a waterproof cover, as well as being sides of each slightly angling toward the center, with a jug set to catch any run-off suspended below the edge.

On the other side, there is a single, comfortable looking chair, with restraints for the hands and feet.

“Sir, if you’ll take your seat,” the hostess says as she gestures to the chair you had been examining, “and Ma’am, if you’ll assume a comfortable position on whichever place you would like, your ‘donors’ will be with you momentarily.”